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We're talking again with Shelli Joye who can help us understand the way consciousness works. Most people believe, as do traditional scientists, that our brains create our consciousness. Therefore, it can only exist in a reality that has a working brain. Our minds then are limited to what is stored in the brain. She'll talk about how information is stored in a vast implicate universe that we draw from as we pursue our lives in the explicate universe. Our consciousness and information are two different things. It takes our consciousness to draw the information from this universal bank and then add back to it as every thought and experience is recorded and saved. Shelli has profound knowledge of the geometry of the explicate versus the implicate universe and can even describe their measurements. It's information you've probably never heard before. We're limited mostly by our agreement to participate in 3rd dimensional reality and not have multi-dimensional abilities. Shelli will also talk about the teachers and philosophers who understand the doorways to the inner worlds. Shelli has profound knowledge of the geometry of the explicate versus the implicate universe and can even describe their measurements. It's information you've probably never heard before. It's the opportunity to learn where non-local and non-dual space begins because somehow, it has to exist. It's actually within the within. Shelli Renee Joye, is the author of "Developing Supersensible Perception" and takes both a philosophical and scientific approach to help us find our way. It's wonderful to speak with someone who has such profound understandings of non-dual awareness.

Here is another opportunity to hear from one of the most profound guests we've had on Energy Stew. Shelli has a scientific understanding of the different realms of consciousness both in the explicate and implicate worlds. It's fascinating to hear her talk about the great thinkers and scientists who have been the pioneers of deeper thought. Shelii can straddle all worlds as a spiritual scientist with a great grasp of eastern and western forays into the mysteries of life. She has been a dedicated student of the work of Rudolf Steiner, Patanjali and many others. Be sure to tune into this interview with Shelli Renee Joye to learn more about the consciousness process. We'll talk about getting the most out of the reality we live in but haven't been entirely aware of. Maybe we can know of the entirety but, of course, can never fully reach it although it's worth seeking.

From birth on, we're all in agreement to live in 3rd dimensional reality with all of its limitations. It has many patterns (memes) that society lives by and accepts even if grudgingly. This means to live with many truths that are constantly evolving such as the limitations of illnesses that the medical community wants us to believe so we can be prey to their drugs and surgery. So many of us are programmed to agree with what we're informed about and don't question enough. Many questioners are even vilified and many are called conspiracy theorists. William T Kenny has written a wonderful novel, "The Conscious Whole", where the hero embarks on a dangerous journey to reach beyond the group think that has kept him very ill. In this story, the Conscious Whole is actually very conscious to maintain the status quo and there's great drama that unfolds as the hero is heavily targeted.

Let's hear from the author of "The Conscious Whole"William T Kenny about how we're programmed to accept the limiting truths that keep so many of us sick and unfulfilled. This is a dynamic adventure story where the hero challenges medical and societal norms to find answers to his terrible and mortal disease.
He ventures into distant lands where people live by different truths and finds that his only limitation was the acceptance of common beliefs that held him in his suffering..
William is actually a medical doctor and writes from a deep understanding of the limited beliefs all around him. This is an interview you don't want to miss.

We're headed into the Fall with many questions about our future. Of course we'll have to see it to truly believe it but maybe we can have some hints about how it's going to unfold. I've asked Barbara Biziou, a well known spiritual leader from New York who's known as an Urban Priestess and Vision Coach, to help us gain insights. She and I are going to use divining tools to ask the Universe for information. She's also a ritual expert when she works with these tools.

Let's explore what our divining tools can tell us about the near future. We don't always get the most optimistic answers we hope for so it takes brave people to ask. Whatever the answers are, we'll know better how to apply ourselves moving forward towards our highest vision. I'm so glad to have Barbara Biziou to work with on this show. She brings such mastery from her years of experience helping so many people. Join us and let's all apply ourselves to using the information for making this a better world.

Thousands of children have had Near Death Experiences (NDE's) and it's important to understand what the result is in their lives. Many have them at birth or even in the womb and usually can't recall them. It doesn't matter that they don't remember because the experience of being in another realm changes them forever. Their souls recognize the differences between this world and that and being in a human body living in the third dimension creates unusual problems of relating. It's been shown that the very youngest of children (babies) who have NDE's often develop genius IQ's. To have an NDE before being conditioned by this world is different than older people with them as there's no reference to compare realities. It's easier for older people to figure out how they've changed. The younger ones never had anything to change from. MPH Atwater has made a life study of these children and has unique information to share with us.

MPH Atwater, the author of "The Forever Angels", has not only interviewed children after they've had NDE's but took her research to another level. She surveyed these children after they became adults and asked them what their lives have been like ever since. She received amazing feedback of their stories that showed how they never really recovered to be normal humans. This will be an unusual interview because the information is so helpful to many who might not have never understood why they think and behave the way they do. I'm included in this because I was a blue baby at birth (heart problems) and likely had a brush with the other side during that time. I've always been drawn to the elements of higher consciousness as has my twin brother who had the same birth problem. Maybe some of you have had similar birth issues or know of people who have. Be sure to tune in to this interview to learn more about NDE's in children.

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