We're headed into the Fall with many questions about our future. Of course we'll have to see it to truly believe it but maybe we can have some hints about how it's going to unfold. I've asked Barbara Biziou, a well known spiritual leader from New York who's known as an Urban Priestess and Vision Coach, to help us gain insights. She and I are going to use divining tools to ask the Universe for information. She's also a ritual expert when she works with these tools.

Let's explore what our divining tools can tell us about the near future. We don't always get the most optimistic answers we hope for so it takes brave people to ask. Whatever the answers are, we'll know better how to apply ourselves moving forward towards our highest vision. I'm so glad to have Barbara Biziou to work with on this show. She brings such mastery from her years of experience helping so many people. Join us and let's all apply ourselves to using the information for making this a better world.

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