Roya Sands and the Bridge Between Worlds is a wonderful novel that follows a young woman while she explores worlds within worlds on and within our planet.
There's great adventure in this book and the author, Saryon Michael White, brings us into new realities that exist in populations within our Earth that are unknown to us. Roya is a New York teenager with great spiritual gifts and she takes her family and close friends on a journey into these multi-dimensional realms.
The book explores the possibilities that our future can hold once we have moved beyond the limited 3rd dimensional reality we're still in.
This book will grab your attention as there are so many fascinating moments and unusual events presented.
I was so excited reading this book as it led me into worlds we can only dream about. It takes us into underworld beauty and amazing physical wonders that this advanced civilization lives within.
There are also many challenges as the pictured idealism has its enemies and the characters in the book have to survive using multi-dimensional methods which are not easily obtainable.
Be sure to tune into this interview with Saryon to learn more about the great adventure he's presented us with.

We learn so much from regressive hypnosis and looking back in time to see where we've been and what we've done. We can obtain an almost endless history of past lives and souls who have traveled with us. One of the most meaningful experiences is traveling back to our life between lifetimes. Most people have no idea that we can actually experience being in meetings before we were born and see how we were planning for this life. What does it feel like to be with souls and advisors you haven't met in this life but know deeply from you past soul journeys? On the other side, we're with guides and counselors who help us look back to see how we've grown from a previous life and help us look forward to see what options can await in a subsequent life. We really do make plans for our future lives and even make agreements with other souls who'll be there with us. What will their jobs be? Sometimes they're responsible for the tragedies in our lives.

Robert Schwartz has dedicated his life to learn more about the windows that open up to us regarding our soul journey. Some of his research has included working with channelers who could report on details about the other side. They could see souls in planning sessions and communicate what was transpiring. Other research has come from Robert, using hypnotic trances, bringing his clients back to in-between lifetimes. They report directly from their trance experiences about the planning they did as well as their experiences just being on the other side and the other spirits they were meeting.
This is all very fascinating information so don't miss the opportunity to hear Robert and also learn about his books you can order. "Your Soul's Plan, Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born" and "Your Soul's Gift, The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born"

Our guest, Dr. Melvin Morse, became a leading expert and author about Near Death Experiences before he was sentenced to jail. We're going to talk with him about how people's lives are often completely turned around after having an NDE (or other interruptions) and what life then goes on to mean to them. His life was completely turned around by his prison ordeal and he has much to say about this experience. There are many advanced souls in prison and Melvin has a lot to tell us about his deep journey with them. When you understand the nature of NDE's you can have a much greater perspective about the meanings of life.


Melvin has dedicated his life to understand our soul journey by exploring the nature of NDE's. He was a pediatrician in a hospital where many children died and were resuscitated. They often had NDE's and he studied their explanations about them.
Within his family, a false accusation was made about him and he ended up being incarcerated for a number of years. He felt this was a blessing as it opened him to a whole new world of profound people and experiences.
Tune into this show to hear what he has to say about this very unique journey he's been on.

Healing is an important subject matter to so many of us but what can we really expect of it? What do we actually think it can do? Sometimes it can be very magical and other times can be disappointing but at least it gives us hope. For many, even the placebo can be powerful. In this show, Steve Gottlieb and I will talk about the concept of healing, its value and also the misconceptions around it. Maybe healing can be understood in so many different contexts that it's hard to know how to define it beyond "getting better".

Have you been healed? Are you seeking healing? What has it done for you and what do you expect of it? What do you think about when the word comes to mind? - your body, your relationships, your mind? Maybe you think of friends you believe can use it. So many people just want their pains to go away. Are we looking for deeper solutions or just a quick fix? Maybe we just need a little stroking. Buddha said that life was all about suffering and maybe we just have to learn how to deal with it. But wait a minute! What if we can overcome it? Isn't that what we're all trying to do? So, let's address healing as the answer. Then what comes next? What do we do? It turns out there are a lot of healers in the world and also healing tools. Maybe we're in luck. How much of it is really effective and what effect will satisfy us? There's a lot to talk about, so join Steve Gottlieb and me and listen to this conversation about a subject you might really care about.

We're always thinking but who's doing it? Are we our thoughts? What's behind them? Maybe who we are is not about the way our thoughts define us but about the consciousness that brings awareness to our thinking. Maybe the journey is about getting to know ourselves through the use of our mind and expanded mind exploring this world. Science doesn't know how to relate to consciousness because it doesn't know how to find it in our material brains. It thinks it's just a by-product of brain function. So, to them, our brain and our thoughts are all there is to our self-knowing. Maybe our self-knowing works on two levels. One is our constant awakeness and the other is what we learn from it. So which comes first? If we just focus on the brain and how our brain describes us and our life, then we're stuck with the limitations science has explained about the brain. Perhaps if we delve into the potential energies of consciousness, we can find more opportunity to explore a greater part of ourselves in the Universe.

Mark Gober has written a wonderful book, "An End to Upside Down Thinking", and explores all the ways our minds and souls can know themselves. This is a comprehensive book that looks at so many abilities our consciousness can realize. He also explains the limited thinking that has left the scientific world with such limited knowledge about us and our abilities. Tune in to see why Mark and his book are getting such fanfare in the world. He's done a great job of describing the expansiveness of ourselves and the opportunities we have for personal growth and for our civilization.

Don't you feel like you're just making it up as you go along? Aren't you dealing with life as it arises and have no idea what's coming next? Maybe your soul knows better and you're following a plan it set up before you were born. You don't even realize that so much of your life was arranged ahead of time. Oh what a surprise that you meet many of the important people in your life. Maybe your soul wasn't surprise at all and only sees that the plan is being followed. For so many people, this is a new concept and how do we even know it's true? When you do a life between lifetimes hypnotic regression, you get to see yourself choosing and making plans for this life. You'll be surprised at the particulars of the plans that were made. Robert Schwartz has studied this phenomena and his book "Your Soul's Plan, Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born", describes all the details that our souls go through to get ready for your birth. He's also written the book, "Your Soul's Gift, The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born".

This is an opportunity to learn how our lives are shaped even before they begin. Our souls are very careful to plan ahead to make sure life can satisfy our soul needs. We're here for growth even if it appears that we often take steps backward as well as steps forward.
Since most of the big challenges in our lives were pre-planned, I'm sure you're asking why your soul could have done this to you. It knows better than we do but maybe it doesn't realize you won't be as happy as it is about it. Certainly, for most of us, our lives have plenty of joy and happiness amidst our struggles and we come here for those too.
Let's understand that this is a difficult planet going through extra difficult times. Maybe we've come here not only for the difficulties but to appreciate roles in finding solutions.
Tune into this valuable interview with Robert Schwartz to lean more about your soul's journey.
Many people have heard about or experienced past life regression. It's the best way to understand our soul journey through many lifetimes.
If you appreciate this journey, you'll understand its purpose. We're always seeking growth and our higher soul will take us wherever it feels it can do its best. We're here now to represent that.
Earth is a tough place to have lifetimes as humanity is often very inhumane and we come here to experience its struggles. We're seeing it all around us these days but our planet's history is very atrocious.
Souls can grow the most by having lifetimes here and it's said in the Universe that souls who come here are very brave.
We might not know that there's much life on other planets but Dr. Linda Backman, as well as many others, have learned differently.

It feels like we do a lot of bumping around in life and are subject to so many elements that pull us here and there. Maybe we're not seeing how we can influence the factors at play. I don't think most of us can realize our power to create a more satisfying life. Where do we find that power? How about if we can tune into our soul frequency that knows just what can work or not for us? Perhaps it's like an antenna that reveals when the vibes are right for the choices we need to make. It's not just a measurement tool for alignment but has a power to connect to the greater universe and attract the solutions we're looking for. Shanna Lee has written a wonderful book, "The Soul Frequency" to show how you can identify your own correct attunements and change your program to work so much better.

Shanna Lee's book, "The Soul Frequency", is a great tool to identify so many aspects of your life that you need to work on. Create better alignment with a frequency that can speak to you every day to see and feel what's correct for you. This inner sense is like having radar along with a big magnet to work with amazing powers in life. You can have magic moments regularly. Tune in to the show and get a sense as to how you can feel this special frequency.

The deck of cards holds many keys to our personalities and soul journeys. We've had many shows about them and they've become familiar to a lot of our audience. There's always more to talk about with the cards we're born to. Now there's a whole new slant to look at as Alexander Dunlop, the author of "Play Your Cards Right", has uncovered a hidden card that he calls a Synergy Card. This is a theme playing in the background of our lives kind of as a harmonic. Everyone is capable of using the math sequence of the deck to uncover their own Synergy Card. It brings two primary cards of yours together that numerically total up to a third card. This can also be extremely helpful in understanding the purpose of each relationship we're in as we can combine the cards of both people.

This show is a wonderful opportunity to climb deeper into the themes of your life as now there's even a new card to understand yourself and your relationships. You can actually not only see the cards of two related people but see what the theme of the relationship is about. This can even be for business relationships as well as personal.
On the show, we'll describe how to easily and mathematically find your Synergy Card. For your personal card, you'll need a card book that tells you both your birth card and your personality (or ruling) card. It's adding these two together that uncovers the new card. It's easier with relationships because you can go to Alexander's website and find each persons birth card using their birth dates.
Tune into the show to hear more about this fascinating new opportunity, how it works and to know more about yourself and your relationships.

Many of us believe in life on the other side and have had many experiences to shore up that belief. Some people have had Near Death Experiences or hypnotic regressions back into life between lives. Some have had lucid dreams and others might have had astral travels. Some people have had teachings about it and others might just have a natural knowing. It fascinates me to understand how life can be conducted on the other side. What does it look like and how do we connect and communicate with others there? Among my questions, I've tried to understand how time is experienced there. How do they keep track of time? How could they have clocks? It's apparently a non-local space so where would its time location be? I've asked Terri Lynn Segal to pose that question to her brother on the other side and with and for whom she wrote her book, "Never Parted".

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