Sandra Mendelson, the author of "We Walk Beside You, Animal Messages for and awakening world", is back again to tell us more about what the animals have to say. They have a lot of wisdom about many different subject matters and I've asked Sandra to compile her responses from elephants. Every species, including elephants, has its awakened representatives who are capable of conversing with her. Just like humans who aren't all wise, the animals have similar percentages. These particular elephants knew that Sandra was available and contacted her from South Africa. She really knows how to zero in on the most valuable insights they have.

Sandra Mendelson, a renowned animal communicator, has been hearing from dozens of species about their lives and also how they relate to us. For this show, we've zeroed in on elephants and It's surprising how deeply they understand life. There's so much we haven't learned about them because we haven't asked. Fortunately, Sandra has and it's amazing how profound the answers have been.
Be sure to tune in and enjoy this special opportunity.
Every year, Human Design produces a chart describing the traits of the year. It's from a map that uses the hexagrams of the Chinese I'Ching and chakras that are described by the planetary positions above us.
On the show we will look at the amazingly insightful descriptions of the traits that are brought into play this year.
There's always quite a story to tell and this year, as always, it's very incredible what the story is about.
Again, I'll be speaking with Nattalee Lillico, another Human Design analyst as I am. We'll be deciphering this year's chart for you.
I can tell you it's going to be a hot show as there's so much the chart has to say about what's happening. It all makes sense about what we think is at play for the year, so let's find out how Human Design describes it.

This new year will have its own personality and we'll be immersed in it. Maybe it's a good idea to uncover some of the energy patterns at play for it. Alexander Dunlop and I will examine the major themes of 2020 and you'll be amazed at how understandable and predictive they are. We'll look at the Source Card that shows the chief energy of the year and how that plays with the numeralogical pattern of the year. I was very surprised to see the juxtaposition of what showed up and how clear these patterns expressed themselves.

Alexander will talk about the numerological energies at play and show how they manifested last year and are now morphing into the current year. It'll really help you better understand the changes we are expecting. I'll be working with the Chinese I'Ching as a divining tool and see what hexagrams are showing up for the year. it's really no surprise how accurate they always are. Tune into the show and see the patterns of the New Year. You'll really appreciate the messages. Next week we'll be looking at the detailed information the Human Design System provides for the year. I can tell you it has amazing information to offer.

We're talking again with Shelli Joye who can help us understand how our lives function amidst the consciousness of our reality. We'll talk about the writings of different reality experts and how they challenge us to think differently about our lives and our purposes. We'll talk about how information is stored in a vast implicate universe that we draw from as we pursue our lives in the explicate universe. Our consciousness operates on many different levels and our conscious minds are only normally aware of a small number of them. The opportunity is to expand our comprehension of ourselves and the greater Universe and know ourselves as more profoundly entwined in a multi-dimensional reality. Shelli Renee Joye, is the author of "Developing Supersensible Perception" and takes both a philosophical and scientific approach to help us find our way. It's wonderful to speak with someone who has such profound understandings of non-dual awareness.

Here is another opportunity to hear from one of the most profound guests we've had on Energy Stew. Shelli has a scientific understanding of the different realms of consciousness both in the explicate and implicate worlds. It's fascinating to hear her talk about the great thinkers and scientists who have been the pioneers of deeper thought. Shelii can straddle all worlds as a spiritual scientist with a great grasp of eastern and western forays into the mysteries of life. She has been a dedicated student of the work of Rudolf Steiner, Patanjali, John Lilly and many others. Be sure to tune into this interview with Shelli Joye to learn more about the consciousness process. We'll talk about getting the most out of the reality we live in but haven't been entirely aware of.

Sky is back and this time we're talking about how to use his scientific method to make life meet our goals better. Most of us feel like we have plans and then bump around trying to make progress. Maybe there's a more deliberate way to make life work in our favor that really makes sense. This is a fascinating study of how life can be better managed to reach our end game. Wouldn't we all love to know how to become more effective? Sky can spell this out for us and I think our lives can flow better from hearing what he has to say. He'll be teaching some upcoming workshops on using his science in your life. Sky Nelson-Isaacs, the author of "Living in Flow", has studied it for many years so it's great to hear from someone who has a deeper understanding about getting the flow to work more powerfully.

The interest to create increased synchronicity in our lives is more available through the science that Sky can demonstrate. This show will be a great opportunity to learn how to manage your life better to get better results. Don't miss this chance to have life flow more powerfully for you.

Dr. Dravon James is the founder of Everyday Peace and the author of "Freedom is Your Birthright". We're going to talk about how our emotions are conditioned in life and we're not necessarily free to express ourselves honestly to others and ourselves too. We need to find inner freedom to live in our greater purpose and this isn't always easy to do. We first need to understand what holds us back. Often, it's just about having enough self-belief. This time of year, we're faced with many emotional questions as it pushes us to behave in ways that aren't often comfortable. Most families are dysfunctional in some way or more and we're put to the test. Do we know ourselves well enough to navigate through this season? Can we stay grounded and optimum?

Dr. Dravon James has written a wonderful book about the freedom to be ourselves, "Freedom is Your birthright". She has wonderful insights about our emotional paths and how we can hold them better. This is a time of year when we want to stay as balanced as possible. Tune into this show to gain insights about the holiday journey we're all headed into whether you'll be with others or alone. The more grounded and aware we can be, the more joy and fulfillment we can create.

Annette Rugolo, the author of "Soul Whisperer" is back to talk about the nature of our souls and how they appear in our lives. Are we following our soul's purpose and fulfilling its needs or are we caught up on the wheel of life and have taken detours for other purposes? If so, how do we think our life is going? Maybe it looks good and our egos are satisfied. We're going to dig into the nature of our soul journeys and how they get revealed to us (or not). Maybe we're right on target, but what if we're not? This will be a fascinating discussion of who our souls are and who we are in relationship to them. Certainly we all have souls but are we our souls? There are so many questions about this deeper nature of life that so few people are aware of. I'm glad to find someone who can talk about it so well.

Annette Rugolo has wonderful insights to share with us about the reality of our souls and how they are related to our lives. I think the more we know about our them, the better we can direct our lives.
Don't miss this opportunity to hear from a brilliant woman who has found her soul gifts and is sharing them with the world.

Steve Bhaearman enlightens audiences with his humor as Swami Beyondananda. I recently saw him perform in NY and was in constant laughter. He has a great act!! I've asked him to be on the show and talk about the importance of humor and how it can change us. I've always believed comedians are among the wisest and have deep understandings about life. Steve is one of those and his humor certainly reflects it. We're also going to talk about how humor can give us new ways of thinking and perhaps resolve our differences.

I'm glad I can talk again with these two amazing people who are dedicated to bringing GANS water to us. This is a breakthrough health opportunity that can change the quality of our lives.
We'll talk in more understandable detail about how this energy water is made and how it can best be used.
It's a discovery by an Iranian scientist, Mehran Keshe, who has developed new states of matter called GANS (gas in an atomic nano solid state) which turns normal metals into healing solutions.
Dr. Paul and Lynn Schmaltz, who live in Montana, work hard to create powerful plasma water for our individual health purposes using the mono-atomic structure of this discovery.
Don't miss this show to hear from Dr. Paul and Lynn about their work and the experiences they've had with this fascinating new chemistry. They can really change our lives and I'm thrilled to talk with them to find out how much can be done to overcome our physical, mental and emotional limitations. Here's a LINK to their website.

We are in changing times and the new generations are being born to actualize them. So many children are designed for a new kind of world and are speaking the language of it. Us older folk have been bumping around and haven't done the best job of creating a society and supporting a planet that is needed for a successful future. There really is great hope for the future as so many children are born to be different than us. They don't speak the same language. It's not that they're attacking the old ways so much as they're inventing new realities. It comes naturally to them in ways that many of us might think are unnatural. P.M.H. Atwater has written a wonderful book about these changing times and changing people. There is a different consciousness that she writes about.

PMH Atwater, the author of "Children of the Fifth World", has recognized the changing consciousness of our time exhibited by the new realities that young people are living by. They can see that the world is not working in the old paradigms that us older folk have been living and working with. It's not that they think of change in erasing the old but in just being true to their instinctive new senses of reality.
This is an opportunity to hear from someone who is helping to clarify the new generations and their purposes and allow us to recognize the different kinds of strengths they represent.
Tune in to learn more about the changes that are happening without our direct influence. The children of today are born for a new world.

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