Many people know of those who have had Near Death Experiences. Not everyone understands them but it's a way for our souls to escape from the body in times of great distress.


Our guest, Lisa Smartt, needed one and it helped her survive her childhood. She'll talk about it for the first time publicly.


She and Jim Duncan, a musician, producer and songwriter have worked to create a beautiful song, "Free to Fly", and are looking for other NDE stories to write songs and music about.


There work is being supported by Life After Life.

Homeopathy has many important uses. It works at very deep levels of our psyches and can help smooth out many psychological traumas.


In its hayday, there were many successful homeopathic hospitals that were very popular. An early purpose of the AMA was to attack that popularity and gain the market.


Homeopathic remedies are not one size fits all and they work best when an analysis is done of one's personality and history.


They are a great tool if you want to get rid of your emotional kinks. They also work on physical levels and remedies can be purchases in stores for everyday maladies.


Jerry Kantor is a dedicated practitioner and has written a couple of books. He was a guest on a previous show to talk about his book, "Sane Asylums, The Success of Homeopathy Before Psychiatry Lots its Mind".


An earlier book he wrote is "The Toxic Relationship Cure", which looks at many solutions to different emotional conflicts.

I've been hearing about Telos, in Middle Earth, for decades and have been fascinated about its likely existence. A number of people have channeled info from there but no one has claimed a visitation until now.
Why is that? My guest, Lowell Johnson, apparently had a past life there and his soul frequency was known by the inhabitants. They knew he could handle the very high vibes of their environment.
He was unexpectedly invited for a tour into our planet which he couldn't have even imagined. His conscious mind had no familiarity with any of it.
It's amazing to hear about his experience and the lessons he was taught. It changed his previously normal life totally around.
Tune in to hear about his amazing experience and what it means for all of us.

Knowing yourself better makes life a whole lot easier. It's difficult to understand who you are without a personality language that you can refer to about yourself.


In this show with alexander, we'll be talking about the power we receive when we can have a definition to identify our personal nature within the geometries of how we uniquely function.


I think this show will offer you deeper understandings about life with information we've never discussed before


You can learn about your cards by going to Alexander's WEBSITE and put in your birth date. It'll immediately show you your birth card and more.


Alexander Dunlop, the author of "Play Your Cards Right", is a great ambassador of this amazing system.

Author Susan Lax explores the gifs of awareness and encourgages her readers to be present in the moment.
Susan has created a huge following of people who have received her Morning Inspirations for the last 12 years. These are magical messages that bring inspiration and presence into each day.
I was fascinated by each one in her book "A Heart's Landscape, An Invitation to the Garden of Moments" She clearly has a talent to recognize moments that strongly capture our attention and hold life more dear.
You'll love to hear her talk about her journey and purpose to enhance our lives.
Vicky Jeter was born with a lifelong medical condition into a troubled family and has made her way through life with very clear purpose and direction.
It just wasn't a straight line and she had many problematic twists. In order to find the right paths, she began to identify signs that could show her the way.
These signs were synchronicities and when they can be noticed, they become even more obvious and plentiful.
The idea is to follow what they're showing us and then have a better idea of the destiny we're being led to. We can call this synchrodestiny and appreciate when we've arrived there.
Vicky has written a wonderful book, "Call Me Victoria", about how her difficult journey helped her find her true gifts. Tune in to hear Vicky talk about her fascinating life
The Chinese I'Ching holds more than a thousand different personality traits and we're all born into at most, 26 of them, although sometimes a few less.
Some of these traits are held in the spleen chakra which also produces Natural Killer Cells. So, you can imagine that this chakra is the home where we deal with our survival fears.
For this show, I'll examine many of the survival traits that are held in this chakra and how we manage our lives against the great dangers we face.
For many, this chakra is "undefined" so you would struggle to feel safe. Others are very defined and demonstrate taking risks that seem unimaginable to the rest.
Take advantage of the information in this show to learn more about how humans are designed to fear (or not).
We're in very trying times and many people are in different stages of suffering. We certainly need to manage our own too.
The angels, Ariel and Raphael, have a lot to say about how we hold our sufferings and that of others. How much can we do for people and how emotionally can we become involved?
This is a very complex subject because our hearts go out to those in need, yet we can get too caught up in their self-pity and become helplessly emotional.
It's great to have the guidance of our angels and their overview on how to conduct ourselves.
Adria Estribou is our guest again to connect with the angels and bring them our questions to hear their wise answers.

William Peters had his close calls with death and learned that it's not the end when he was able to experrience the other side.


So many are afraid of dying, yet death isn't what we've been taught. There is a life after death and the journey beyond this life is quite fascinating.


There have been many people who have experienced a "shared Journey" when a loved one dies and they get to accompany them to the other side and then come back.


There are so many unique experiences that people have when close to the dying.


William's book, "At Heaven's Door", is a deep look into the phenomenon of this and addresses many aspects of spiritual presence we can all share in the death journey.


Listen to this profound interview with William about what can exist "beyond the threshold"

Homeopathy was a very important modility between 100 and 150 yeears ago. It was even the medicine of choice and there were many important hospitals.


They were very successful treating people until BigPharm arrived and used all kinds of propaganda to run them out of business.


Fortunately, homeopathy is still around and there are many excellent practitioners. Jerry Kantor is one of them and has written this wonderful book, "Sane Asylums, The Success of Homeopathy before Psychiatry Lost its Mind".


His book examines the history of homeopathy including the important doctors and hospitals of the time and how they succeeded.


When you hear what these treatments have done, you'll want to learn more how they can now be of value to you.

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