Our lives are filled with scars. They might even be what defines us. Many are physical and likely, most are emotional. We're in a time now when the scarring is harder to manage. Certainly a lot more importantly for today's youth and they have to carry them a lot longer than us older folk.
Dr. Jane Goldberg has a deep understanding about living with scars and what they mean to us individually and societally. I'm so glad to tune into her wisdom about them.
She's a practicing psychotherapist, has written 9 books and also runs a holistic spa, La Casa Spa and Wellness Center in Manhattan and Puerto Rico.
Don't you feel like you're just making it up as you go along? Aren't you dealing with life as it arises and have no idea what's coming next?
Maybe your soul knows better and you're following a plan it set up before you were born. You don't even realize that so much of your life was arranged ahead of time.
Oh what a surprise that you meet your important loved ones in your life. Maybe your soul wasn't surprise at all and only sees that the plan is being followed.
For so many people, this is a new concept and how do we even know it's true?
When you do a life between lifetimes hypnotic regression, you get to see yourself choosing and making plans for this life. You'll be surprised at the particulars of the plans that were made.
Robert Schwartz has studied this phenomena and his new book, "Your Soul's Love, Living the Love You Planned", is a great help to understand why we're in the love relationships we have in life. He has 2 previous books. "Your Soul's Plan, Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born", describes all the details that our souls go through to get ready for your birth. He's also written the book, "Your Soul's Gift, The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born".
Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD has a wonderful new book, "Into the Nothing, A Spiritual Autobiography" that has enriched teachings about following a spiritual path. He's had an amazing life and is a wonderful role model to find the optimal conditions for spiritual liberation.
In this interview, we'll talk about what "into the nothing" means and what it's like when you get there. Also, how do you know when you're actually there?
What does searching for nothing mean and what does it do for him and us? Is there really a goal of discovering nothing?
This will be quite a profound interview

We talk a lot about angels but how many people have had active conversations with them? Do you hear from them? Do they actively respond to you? Many people are highly intuitive but only some are oracles of the Universe. Adria Estribou is back on the show to speak with and from the angels, Ariel and Raphael, about the new world that we seem to be entering. They're very clear that the old ways can't be repeated and we're creating a reality based on our recognition of the need for change. It's so valuable to have their perspective about our soul consciousness and our potential to find new opportunities. The angels will surely help us find some clarity and more than hope moving forward. It's important to hear their messages to understand what we're evolving through and perhaps the eventual new world we're creating. Tune in for some wonderful insight from above.

Mary Rodwell is on a mission to introduce us to a new reality that is being foretold by exceptional children
Some people call them star children and others call them crystal children. Many are geniuses and they are here to help us with their unique knowledge to find our path to the future.
Mary has connected with a huge number of them over many years and they've imparted a great deal of wisdom to her. She also helps them adjust to this limited world where so many are misunderstood by those not ready for them.
You'll love what Mary has to say about so much of her fascinating work.
Dr. Christopher Macklin is a fascinating man who holds powerful healing energy and great wisdom.
He says he's one of 5 Melchizedek beings on the planet and is working on an important pyramid project with the Arcturians.
It's hard to represent here all that he's bringing so it's best for you to listen to what he can tell us.
His Global Enlightenment Project offers many healings each week to thousands of people and you might want to participate.
Tune in for an exciting interview.


Dr. Mark Sircus is an independent thinker who has found wonderful treatments for most ailments. It's a blessing to hear about the opportunities he offers us.
Hydrogen as a gas is a super healer and energizer and Mark is very well versed in its properties. You'll be glad to hear what it's done for people and you'll want to read his book, "Hydrogen Medicine".
Don't miss this opportunity to listen to a very unusual doctor.


Anthony Teresi is a gifted spiritual guide who has written a beautiful book, "Rippling Waves", about his travels through revelatory dimensions in the higher realms.
He has the ability to describe his experiences of being transported into seemingly indescribable realities and bring us with him to appreciate the vastness of the Universe and the possibilitlies of personal experience in it.
This interview will examine the potentials of infinite creation and how we can better understand the opportunities available to us when we can travel to the other side.
Anthony has a deep understand of our spiritual natures and the wonder of life that so few of us have been aware of.

I'm so glad to talk with Lee Adams about lucid dreaming. Our discussion actually takes us into many types of dream states to look at the possibilities our mind is exploring to help us live and know ourselves better. Lee's new book, "A Visionary Guide to Lucid Dreaming, Methods for Working with the Deep Dream State", is a great opportunity to understand the different levels we're brought to with and without our control. We talk about liminal as well as lucid dreaming and how we can consciously experience them. Lee provides tools and techniques for using and remembering dreams and even substances to take to experience them bettter. He'll also talk about how dreams shape our conscious reality. Tune in to become more attuned to your deeper self.

We're talking again with Shelli Joye who can help us understand how energies stimulate our consciousness. She talks about the patterns of consciousness and how they influence our lives.l In this interview, we'll talk about some of the ancient knowledge about consciousness as developed by Tibetan Buddhism and how we can bettter access deeper insights. There are infinite realities our minds can access that we're usually not exposed to. The opportunity of these exposures through meditation or psychotropics can guide us to recognize how limited neuroscience has been about brain function. Her new book, "The Electromagnetic Brain", describes the scientific evolution to understand how our awareness functions and the 12 brilliant scientists who have contributed to this path.

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