From birth on, we're all in agreement to live in 3rd dimensional reality with all of its limitations. It has many patterns (memes) that society lives by and accepts even if grudgingly. This means to live with many truths that are constantly evolving such as the limitations of illnesses that the medical community wants us to believe so we can be prey to their drugs and surgery. So many of us are programmed to agree with what we're informed about and don't question enough. Many questioners are even vilified and many are called conspiracy theorists. William T Kenny has written a wonderful novel, "The Conscious Whole", where the hero embarks on a dangerous journey to reach beyond the group think that has kept him very ill. In this story, the Conscious Whole is actually very conscious to maintain the status quo and there's great drama that unfolds as the hero is heavily targeted.

Let's hear from the author of "The Conscious Whole"William T Kenny about how we're programmed to accept the limiting truths that keep so many of us sick and unfulfilled. This is a dynamic adventure story where the hero challenges medical and societal norms to find answers to his terrible and mortal disease.
He ventures into distant lands where people live by different truths and finds that his only limitation was the acceptance of common beliefs that held him in his suffering..
William is actually a medical doctor and writes from a deep understanding of the limited beliefs all around him. This is an interview you don't want to miss.

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