Thousands of children have had Near Death Experiences (NDE's) and it's important to understand what the result is in their lives. Many have them at birth or even in the womb and usually can't recall them. It doesn't matter that they don't remember because the experience of being in another realm changes them forever. Their souls recognize the differences between this world and that and being in a human body living in the third dimension creates unusual problems of relating. It's been shown that the very youngest of children (babies) who have NDE's often develop genius IQ's. To have an NDE before being conditioned by this world is different than older people with them as there's no reference to compare realities. It's easier for older people to figure out how they've changed. The younger ones never had anything to change from. MPH Atwater has made a life study of these children and has unique information to share with us.

MPH Atwater, the author of "The Forever Angels", has not only interviewed children after they've had NDE's but took her research to another level. She surveyed these children after they became adults and asked them what their lives have been like ever since. She received amazing feedback of their stories that showed how they never really recovered to be normal humans. This will be an unusual interview because the information is so helpful to many who might not have never understood why they think and behave the way they do. I'm included in this because I was a blue baby at birth (heart problems) and likely had a brush with the other side during that time. I've always been drawn to the elements of higher consciousness as has my twin brother who had the same birth problem. Maybe some of you have had similar birth issues or know of people who have. Be sure to tune in to this interview to learn more about NDE's in children.

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