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The ways we normally manage our challenges has become much harder to fulfill. For many of us, there's a lot we can still get done but the means are more and more limited. As much as we're all alert about physical health, we are likely being harmed as much or moreso in our psychological health. We can't have the same comfortable perspective about our lives as we used to and our expectations for ongoing progress needs to become more humble in this locked down world. We probably are expecting too much from ourselves to live in the strengths we're used to and need to find some compromises to just be the best we can in the current circumstances. I'm so glad to have Barbara Berger back on the show to share her wisdom with us. She's the author of "The Road to Power, Fast Food for the Soul", and can help us find ways to optimize ourselves. Barbara Berger has been working with many people in recent times to help them find better coping mechanisms. She'll share many of them in this interview. We all need to manage our lives with more personal care and understand our normal habits might not be satisfying our soul needs enough. Tune in to hear Barbara great wisdom about living in these times.

Randy Kritkausky knew he had some Native American ancestry but for most of his life, it was in the background. At one point, his ancestors started calling on him through the insistent presence of coywolves. They were also a mixed breed as he was.
He took strong note and began a journey to learn more about the value of ancestry and how it can create more value in today's world. It was a great awakening and he understood his new calling. This resulted in his book, "Without Reservation, Awakening to Native American Spirituality and the Ways of Our Ancestors".
There are so many people here with Native American genes mixed with other genes and might not realize the ancestors are calling on them as well. Randy Kritkausky discovered the value of his genes when he started researching his ancestors and wanted to honor their heritage.
We all have heritage to honor and, in this interview, Randy talks about how we can all realize the values our ancestors from all over the world had when they lived authentically in the natural world.
His book, Without Reservation, has wonderful chapters about how he discovered many values in his own genes and how he (and we) can employ them in this life.
Don't miss the opportunity to hear Randy talk about heritage and the amazing journey he's been on to help us all find the lights of the past.

Lisa Denton is a close friend who I feel has a great understanding of our human journey and how it's managing this current time. Lisa was the president of the Lightfield Foundation and worked with me to help develop its technology to harmonize consciousness. She has profound intuitive abilities which assist her in recognizing how universal multi-dimensionality functions to move humanity forward. Lisa will talk about the contrasts in life and how to recognize the ways the joy reveals itself. Joy is a deeper, more profound place than happiness and allows us to appreciate our darks times and how they drive us to more light. Joy can be the appreciation of allowing us to feel much more deeply. Lisa's a wonderful teacher and wants to help everyone become more skillful dealing with challenges we face. She also leads 2 meditation and discussion groups each week that you're welcome to join.


Lisa Denton will share her great insights about joy and life's purpose that helps us strive to create it. It's the contrasts of life that help us appreciate it the most and Lisa will talk about living in the journey that brings us the most satisfaction. This is an excellent time to see beyond the current darknesses and believe more in who we are and how love and compassion can bring us more peace. You'll be inspired by her words. Be sure to tune into this show and hear from a fascinating guest.

This is a time where our world is topsy-turvy and it's hard to be centered and grounded. There are so many threats to experiencing sanctity in many areas of our lives. It's a time when we really need to know how to better hold onto ourselves and each other (although often too distantly). Maybe it's a time when we can more consciously travel within. Creating sacred space in our lives allows us to find more peace, calm, and a greater sense of our deep spirit. I'm so glad my wife, Deborah Roth, is a spiritual life, relationship, and transition coach and specializes in helping to claim the sacred in every area of our lives. She'll share with us her insights as well as practical tools for creating our own sacred spaces.

I'm so happy to interview my wife, Deborah Roth, whose a spiritual life, relationship and transition coach and has developed an expertise in creating sacred space. She'll talk about what sacred space is and how to find it or build it in the world around us. We can have many sacred spaces and live our lives enjoying more time with our spirit selves. Be sure to tune into this opportunity to learn how to treasure places and objects in the world we live in. It's an important time to strengthen our own light and feel the universal energies that we're living with.

This new year will have its own personality and we'll be immersed in it. Maybe it's a good idea to uncover some of the energy patterns at play for the year. Alexander Dunlop and I will examine the major themes for 2021 and you'll be amazed at how understandable and predictive they are.

Alexander will talk about the numerological energies at play and show how they manifested last year and are now morphing into the current year. It'll really help you hold onto the changes we are expecting. I'll be working with the Chinese I'Ching as a divining tool and see what hexagram is showing up for the year. I can tell you ahead of time that what it reveals makes incredible sense The insights from this can help us understand how we're to proceed. Tune into the show and feel more light shining on the New Year. You'll really appreciate the messages.

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