The ways we normally manage our challenges has become much harder to fulfill. For many of us, there's a lot we can still get done but the means are more and more limited. As much as we're all alert about physical health, we are likely being harmed as much or moreso in our psychological health. We can't have the same comfortable perspective about our lives as we used to and our expectations for ongoing progress needs to become more humble in this locked down world. We probably are expecting too much from ourselves to live in the strengths we're used to and need to find some compromises to just be the best we can in the current circumstances. I'm so glad to have Barbara Berger back on the show to share her wisdom with us. She's the author of "The Road to Power, Fast Food for the Soul", and can help us find ways to optimize ourselves. Barbara Berger has been working with many people in recent times to help them find better coping mechanisms. She'll share many of them in this interview. We all need to manage our lives with more personal care and understand our normal habits might not be satisfying our soul needs enough. Tune in to hear Barbara great wisdom about living in these times.

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