This is a time where our world is topsy-turvy and it's hard to be centered and grounded. There are so many threats to experiencing sanctity in many areas of our lives. It's a time when we really need to know how to better hold onto ourselves and each other (although often too distantly). Maybe it's a time when we can more consciously travel within. Creating sacred space in our lives allows us to find more peace, calm, and a greater sense of our deep spirit. I'm so glad my wife, Deborah Roth, is a spiritual life, relationship, and transition coach and specializes in helping to claim the sacred in every area of our lives. She'll share with us her insights as well as practical tools for creating our own sacred spaces.

I'm so happy to interview my wife, Deborah Roth, whose a spiritual life, relationship and transition coach and has developed an expertise in creating sacred space. She'll talk about what sacred space is and how to find it or build it in the world around us. We can have many sacred spaces and live our lives enjoying more time with our spirit selves. Be sure to tune into this opportunity to learn how to treasure places and objects in the world we live in. It's an important time to strengthen our own light and feel the universal energies that we're living with.

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