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We are taught to live in a primarily left brain (cold cognition) consciousness which has many limitations. Our right brain (hot cognition) is often the key to more spontaneous success. We're not trained to trust this right side of ourselves and our left brain often feels it isn't smart enough to allow it freedom. But, it's the way to live intuitively and learn to trust its guidance. When we can find the correct zone which is a developed blend between the two, we can flow better through our lives. Jason Gregory is a master of Eastern philosophies and has written this very insightful book, "Emotional Intuition for Peak Performance" about how to live in a more powerful flow.


Jason Gregory has an amazing grasp of Eastern philosophy and uses it to provide very useful insights into successful living. This recent book, "Emotional Intuition for Peak Performance" is packed with great tools to find your flow and live in fulness. You won't want to miss this in-depth interview with Jason to gain more out of life.

How many of your goals have reached the finish line? Maybe you're great at beginning things but not so great at finishing them.
What if there are parts of you that don't seem to be cooperating. Why wouldn't they? Why can't you harness all of your energies to complete things.
Bridgit Dengel Gaspard, in her book "The Final 8th", helps to understand the parts of you that aren't in alignment with the rest of you. This is an important book to help you get better at success.
It's really about identifying the many inner selves you have and what they think they're doing. Maybe they have motives you can understand and help guide them to see the bigger picture you intend.
Bridgit Dengel Gaspard will discuss the inner workings of our psyches that have their own agendas to help us but not necessaryly in ways our conscious minds intend. She'll talk about how to discover these disparate parts and help them share the same outcomes.
This show will be a great opportunity to learn much more about yourself and how you can do a better job at completing things. Certainly, you've wondered how different goals have escaped you. She can show you why.
Be sure to tune into this show and hear from a fascinating guest.
Lisa Denton is a close friend who I feel has a great understanding of our human journey and how it's managing this current time.
Lisa was the president of the Lightfield Foundation and worked with me to help develop its technology to harmonize consciousness. She has profound intuitive abilities which assist her in recognizing how universal multi-dimensionality functions to move humanity forward.
Lisa will talk about ways you can scan your own energies and understand how you're inner self is managing the time we're in.
She's a wonderful teacher and wants to help everyone become more skillful dealing with the challenges we face. She also leads 2 meditation and discussion groups each week that you're welcome to join.
Lisa Denton will share her great insights and skills so we can learn to tap into our own energy fields and see how we're doing during this difficult time. She holds deep wisdom about our journeys here and how best to manifest our progress during this chaotic time.
Be sure to tune into this show and hear from a fascinating guest.

After 40 years in service as a Christian Minister, Jim Willis and his wife decided to head for the woods of S Carolina so he could spend some time "wrestling with God". During his spiritual explorations, he learned how to become a dowser and made important discoveries on his new (old) property. The dowsing showed him his property had major energy lines running through it which attracted some ancient peoples to congregate there as many as thousands of years ago. He'll talk with us about the use of dowsing tools and also how popular it is among our current population. One of his recent books is, "The Quantum Akashic Field" and two others are "Lost Civilizations" and "Hidden History".

Jim Willis is a fascinating man. He comes from a conservative background and then discovered larger worlds available through the timeless implicate Universe. For this show, Jim will talk about his discovery of dowsing and the amazing information that unfolded to him by using it. It's something everyone can easily use and who knows what you'll learn from it? Tune in to hear Jim's wise words as he can help us learn how to make dowsing work to enhance our lives.

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