We are taught to live in a primarily left brain (cold cognition) consciousness which has many limitations. Our right brain (hot cognition) is often the key to more spontaneous success. We're not trained to trust this right side of ourselves and our left brain often feels it isn't smart enough to allow it freedom. But, it's the way to live intuitively and learn to trust its guidance. When we can find the correct zone which is a developed blend between the two, we can flow better through our lives. Jason Gregory is a master of Eastern philosophies and has written this very insightful book, "Emotional Intuition for Peak Performance" about how to live in a more powerful flow.


Jason Gregory has an amazing grasp of Eastern philosophy and uses it to provide very useful insights into successful living. This recent book, "Emotional Intuition for Peak Performance" is packed with great tools to find your flow and live in fulness. You won't want to miss this in-depth interview with Jason to gain more out of life.

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