How many of your goals have reached the finish line? Maybe you're great at beginning things but not so great at finishing them.
What if there are parts of you that don't seem to be cooperating. Why wouldn't they? Why can't you harness all of your energies to complete things.
Bridgit Dengel Gaspard, in her book "The Final 8th", helps to understand the parts of you that aren't in alignment with the rest of you. This is an important book to help you get better at success.
It's really about identifying the many inner selves you have and what they think they're doing. Maybe they have motives you can understand and help guide them to see the bigger picture you intend.
Bridgit Dengel Gaspard will discuss the inner workings of our psyches that have their own agendas to help us but not necessaryly in ways our conscious minds intend. She'll talk about how to discover these disparate parts and help them share the same outcomes.
This show will be a great opportunity to learn much more about yourself and how you can do a better job at completing things. Certainly, you've wondered how different goals have escaped you. She can show you why.
Be sure to tune into this show and hear from a fascinating guest.

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