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Steve Gottlieb is back and will talk about managing emotional stresses we may find ourselves in during this very social season. Even if everything is going well, it's a busy time and can lead to overwhelm. Tapping (EFT) is great to shift your energy and find new strength and calm. For many, there are a multitude of holiday factors including parties, food, gifts, transportation and just getting along with family, friends, associates and even strangers. Managing health issues during this challenging time can also be greatly helped by tapping.

Steve Gottlieb, an expert EFT practitioner and I are going to talk about the ways in which we tap to change our mood and even physiology.
We've programmed ourselves to handle stress in often stressful ways and It's really helpful to root out and cancel these programs. This can be done using muscle testing to see what ideas you can hold or not and if your mind doesn't agree with your positive statements it will weaken you. That means your positive ideas aren't scripted to support you and you need to change the way your brain holds them.
Not all of us have access to muscle testing but we can discern when stress is getting the best of us and we can own up to being too stressed. We can tap directly for that. You can go to Steve's website to learn all the techniques.
Tapping and making affirmative statements at the same time can help erase the unconscious script and write new ones.
Tune in to learn more about this wonderful process that can free you during this emotional time.

Living in the present sounds like a great idea but are you always able to stay there? Do you often wander into the past or the future? Maybe it's a good idea to think back on wonderful experiences and the opportunities the past has given you. Perhaps it's also a good idea to think ahead to a great future and make plans for it. So then why is there an emphasis on staying in the present? It's all about how you hold the past and future and their effect on your emotions. If you're drawn to past negative experiences or are fearful about the future, then it might not be helpful to go there. The present is an expansive place of oneness even if the immediate past or future feels limiting. There's no negative opinion about each moment of pure "what is". Maybe you won't be happy in the future and have been unhappy in the past. Those are only in your mind.

Your life can be so much more happy and calm when you focus on the immediate moment you're in and let time and space have its own dance around you. Learning to experience being present is a great art and Kevin Murphy's book "The Three Rooms" can really help you find your way.
Join us to develop this art better.

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