Everyone has some family issue or another. Maybe everyone tried their best when you grew up but they might have done better. So many different personalities and needs were present and somehow we got through it with some of us in much better shape than others. Now is the time when many families reunite and try to have a good time together. It's usually not so simple. What are your expectations and what are theirs? Often, we're plugged into the consciousness of our inner child and many of our idiosyncrasies show up. A lot of family politics gets played out. 

Maybe tuning into this show will help you have a better perspective and be more prepared for this emotional time. Just to be mindful and stay as centered as possible can help. When you know you're going to get triggered, you can find strategies to manage it. Perhaps just taking some quiet breaks can help you get re-centered.
There are often family members who can't behave and you might be one of their targets. Is it really a time to "have it out?". Is that what you're there for? I hope not although let's not make it all wrong. Sometimes, letting some feelings get exposed can help people iron things out to do a better job in the future. You have to decide what kind of holiday you want.
Tune into the interview with Barbara and get yourself in the right mood for a good time.
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