In this new year, we'll all need to discover or enhance the more peaceful nature that resides in us. We're in stressful times but there are many compartments within ourselves to handle life in different ways. Perhaps the most important is our peaceful center so we can collect ourselves and live in more light. This takes mindfulness to find the presence of being while in chaotic times. Bill Dennis is a retreat leader and helps people find their inner vibes that sustain them. He'll be speaking with us while on his current trip to India where he's working with homeopaths. Some of you might remember him as a founder of the old East West Bookstore in Manhattan.

This is an important time to become more centered and able to handle the unique energies that are now at play in our world. We need to find ways to weather the storms and stay whole and productive.
We can locate these moments of inner reflection no matter the circumstances around us. Perhaps even the NY subways can work for you. Of course nature is a good place too. It might just be a moment or an hour.
We'll be talking about the value of inner work and why we need to find ways to make it a regular part of our lives.
Tune in and hear from a master of retreats whether they be in India or a corner of your room.

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