We all are dealt a hand of cards when we're born and have to play them all our lives. They really define who we are in very basic ways. Also, every year at our birthday, a new hand of cards additiionally comes into play but just for the year. They often can show us how life will played by us and to us. Alexander Dunlop, the author of "Play Your Cards Right", is a great ambassador of this amazing system and has some surprising insights about the candidates cards. You can learn about your own card by going to Alexander's WEBSITE and put in your birth date. It'll immediately show you your birth card.

This is an important show to let you know the powers at play in the candidate's lives. The difficult part is what you make of it in terms of the outcome. I can tell you, this won't be what you suspect. Even though the cards will reveal some hard information, we don't know what it really means. How does good fortune rule this election? If someone has postitive cards, it might mean a different result in their life than we think it should. It's the same with negative cards. Losing the election might be the best thing for a candidate with positive cards and visa versa.
This will be a very interesting show. Listen in.

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