Sandra Mendelson, the author of "We Walk Beside You, Animal Messages for and awakening world", is back again to tell us more about what the animals have to say. They have a lot of wisdom about many different subject matters and I've asked Sandra to compile her responses from various species about love. Every species has its awakened representatives who are capable of conversing with her. Just like humans who aren't all wise, the animals have similar percentages. Sandra has asked them to talk about love, what it means to them and for us. They understand us and how we are different from them in many ways and not always as wise. They understand our limitations.

Sandra Mendelson, a renowned animal communicator, has been hearing from many species about their experience of love and how they are different from us They see how we live and can recognize our limitations. It's amazing how wise they are and we can sure use a lot of their wisdom. Be sure to tune in and enjoy this special opportunity.

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