The deck of cards holds many keys to our personalities and soul journeys. We've had many shows about them and they've become familiar to a lot of our audience. There's always more to talk about with the cards we're born to.
Now there's a whole new slant to look at as Alexander Dunlop, the author of "Play Your Cards Right", has uncovered a hidden card that he calls a Challenge Card. This is a theme playing in the background of our lives that shows the kind of challenges and limitations we face.
Each birth card also has a different card that explains the unique challenges we're born to face in our lives.
It can really help explain why you've had certain limitations throughout your life that are hard to understand.
This show is a wonderful opportunity to climb deeper into the themes of your life as now there's even a new card to understand yourself and your life issues. These are persistent patterns that have limited you and it's best to learn about them to make the most of your life.
Tune into the show to hear more about this fascinating new window to your life path.

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