There is a lot of new consciousness about transgenderism and it's showing up in broad spectrums of our population. It's definitely not new but the broad openness about it is. Paria Hassouri's son, until he was a teenager, hadn't been clear or conversational about his desire to be a girl. Paria didn't know what to make of his sudden clarity that he had to transition and it was a step by step process to become convinced that she now had a new daughter. Her book "Found in Transition, a Mother's Evolution During Her Child's Gender Change", really examines the understandings of sexual identity and the truths when change is necessary. Paria is an MD Pediatrician and explored this very carefully. There's so much to learn in her book. To help interview Paria, I asked Shelli Joye, a transgender woman and author who's been on my show many times, to help. She brings a lot of her own wisdom into the conversation.

I'm so excited to be interviewing Paria Hassouri, the author of "Found in Transition, a Mother's Evolution During Her Child's Gender Change". This is an important topic in today's world as gender change is becoming more recognized. Shelli Joye will be joining me as co-host and brings a lot of expertise into this as she herself transitioned but as a middle aged person. Paria's book helps us understand the deep and committed nature about transitioning and then living with a different gender than birth. It's not new and older societies used to be much more welcoming to transgendered people. Because of its long history and much the public do

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