Dr. Howard Robins and I are old friends and we're both very involved in holistic health. We talk all the time about the work he's doing to bring healing opportunities to the world. Years ago I watched him develop his interest in probiotics and begin to develop products for his patients. There was a big learning curve and probiotics became a major interest in his life. At one point, I thought he had achieved a great result and I enjoyed taking his product, seeing a lot of benefit to my health. He wasn't satisfied though, and took his research to a higher level. We're going to talk about that research and what he learned about probiotics that the public knows almost nothing about.

Most of us want to be as healthy as possible and do a lot for it. In recent years, the microbiome (gut bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses) has become famous as a major key to our wellness. Of course, we'd like to strengthen it as much as possible and have learned that imbibing probiotics is a key to this.
So now, the industry is flooded with probiotic products and it's hard to tell one from another. We're not experts and manufacturers are dependent on that. They throw long names at us like lactobacillus acidophilus and we assume they've got it covered.
Dr. Howard Robins will explain the science behind this and what we really need to know about what can help us and what cannot. I'm so surprised about how fooled we are and how we've been taken advantage of.
Tune in for this opportunity to hear inside info so we can make better decisions.

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