Can we survive in a world where the power seems to be on the wrong side?

Jude Currivan is both a scientist and spiritualist who has written a number of non-fiction books about the unfolding and evolving time we are in.  She has now written a very dramatic novel about the forces of darkness and light not only through the ages, but how the struggle is now endangering our total survival.
I loved reading her book "Legacy" that contains so much spiritual history of the planet to understand the deep nature of the forces at work.  Her heroine, Elenor, had past lives in Egypt and England that brought her to the role in her current life of wielding the sword of King Arthur.  
The book is full of challenges and suspense and pulls your heart toward Elenor and her battle to subdue the powerful people who are trying to weaken and dominate our civilization.
Be sure to tune in to this exciting interview with a master story teller who is helping us all find our way to a better future.

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