Stephen Popiotek is one of the more unique souls on this planet. He's able to tap into many higher frequencies and realities most of us have never heard of or know very little about. He works with information about how energy patterns are affecting us in all dimensions, especially those we're familiar with and being exposed to every day. The information he delivers is so helpful for our greater awareness and we can have a much deeper and solid sense of this time we've been exposed to. How do we manage our unique soul paths in light of the soul paths of our communities? How are they strengthened or endangered by the many powers that be? Stephen can enlighten us about the many forces at play on all sides and their hidden agendas.


We're so fortunate to hear from Stephen Popiotek again about the dynamic universe we live in and how its many players are impacting us. In this second show he'll give us even more fascinating information. He's very informed about the different forces in our universe and their relationship with us. This is an opportunity to know so much more about the universe we live in and have very little awareness of.
Don't miss this chance to listen to a unique cosmic shaman who works with information beyond the scope of our normal life.

Energy Stew
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