A fascinating interview with a man who dreams through time finding missing pieces of history.

Robert Moss has written more than a dozen books about dreaming and shamanic journeys.  His latest book, "The Boy Who Died and Came Back", starts in his childhood when he died twice.  That introduced him to otherworldly adventures and he began a career of traveling through time and visiting many historically rich locations.
He works with anthropologists and archeologists to bring them information from his dream travels that solves missing pieces in their work.
He gives many workshops around the world (I took one with him in New York) and has even collected a number of gifted dream travelers who he calls "frequent flyers" and they go on group journeys.
His latest book is a very deep journey in itself and I was totally absorbed in its fascinating content.  So many questions get answered.  On the show, we'll even talk about his ongoing relationships with "Jack" C.S. Lewis, W.B. Yeats and the rejoinder he received from J.R.R. Tolkien.  
Don't miss this opportunity to hear about Robert's travels and experiences.

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