Richard Rudd, the founder and author of Gene Keys, is one of the most profound individuals I've met in this life. He can uncover the deepest truths of our psyches and spirits and present them in deeply understandable writings. His latest presentation is the book "The Art of Contemplation, gentle path to wholeness and prosperity". We'll talk about the practical uses of contemplation to open up new avenues of revelation in life. Some people think this is about mindfulness but it takes that concept to a more sacred process of transformation. It's about creating more self-illumnation

This is a conversation that will open up new doors for you. Richard has transformed many lives with his wisdom and powerful words. He'll be sharing many of them on this show. I love his idea of using lingering for breakthrough. So linger during the show.
He'll share his ideas about the process of pausing, pivoting, merging and epiphany. Now doesn't that sound promising!!!
Richard will be in New York later this month to give a talk, The Transformational Art of Contemplation, on Wednesday night the 24th at The Assemblage John Street. He's also offering a full day workshop, Saturday the 27th, on The Wisdom of the Gene Keys: a Day of Contemplation & Embodiment. You can find out more by visiting this LINK to the Assemblage.

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