Christian de Quncey is back again to talk about the consciousness we all live within and the way it functions in our lives and beyond. It allows us to create meaningfulness and gives us purpose to pursue the evolution of life. Consciousness is where we start but it's how we use it that creates the form of who we are. This form is our story. When we understand how we create ourselves, we can better choose how to enhance and refine our stories. Christian has looked at these deep understandings in his book, "Deep Spirit, Cracking the Noetic Code" and has so much to contribute to our self-realization. Science has been in denial of consciousness and is trying to figure out life without it. Too bad for them that quantum physics came along and has challenged their limitations.


I love shows about consciousness and Christian de Quincey is the best author to talk about it. His life is directed to help us learn more about this rich topic so tune into this show and learn more about it for yourself.


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