Stephen G. Post, is a doctor who works full time at the Stony Brook Medical School but he's not a medical doctor. He's a Doctor of Divinity. There aren't many people doing this kind of work. For decades, he's been drawn to under- stand how society treats those with failed memories and how to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. Of course this includes Alzheimer's. He doesn't believe we should be using the term "dementia" as that has negative societal connotations. We're programmed to qualify people according to their cognitive abilities and frown on those who can't keep up. There needs to be a new way to frame their mental states that gives them more respect. They're still sensitive human beings who, for a long period, are just as upset about their lost memories as the rest of us. At some point, they forget that they've forgotten but can still have very lucid moments. Stephen's book, "God and Love on Route 80" is a fascinating story of his adventures that have brought him into this important work.

Stephen G. Post has had a fascinating life driven by a spiritual vision and the willingness to follow it in very daring ways. His book, "God and Love on Route 80", is a recounting of the many times synchronicity has shown up in his life and guided him into the important work he's doing.
He works as a Doctor of Divinity at the Stony Brook Medical School on Long Island and is a world-wide leader in helping those who have lost their memory. This will be a fascinating interview to see how we can improve the quality of life for the forgetful ones and well as their caregivers.



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