So many of us are expecting an ascension that can lift us out of the stuckness we're experiencing.
It seems humanity doesn't have any answers to its current state of chaos and the world appears to be heading in the wrong direction. Everyone wants change but there's no agreement about it and extreme elements seem to be in control.
Maybe this is the only way to clear out the old but not an easy way to bring in the new.
Judy Satori is an expert about the esoteric nature of life and has a lot to say about the ascension process we seem to be in but not convincingly yet.
Judy Satori will tell us about the amazing transformation she underwent to become the spiritual leader she is. She expects many people to also undergo these deep spiritual transformations as the wave of ascension begins to take more hold. Judy channels valuable information and has done a lot of traveling to workshops around the world (and will again when free to do so). She'll be speaking with us from her home in New Zealand where she's been doing many webinars.
Her website has a lot of information so take advantage of it. Judy says: "I work with thousands of people to activate their true human potential and birth a New Earth."
Be sure to tune in to this show and you'll also hear Judy speak Light Language which some of you might not be familiar with. It's a wonder that her mouth can actual speak it let alone her spirit be channeling it.

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