Many people feel that spirituality and materiality don't get along so well. Those living a material oriented life often make that their god and have little room for spirituality. On the other side, many people who are spiritually oriented don't necessarily have a strong footprint in the material world. People can even be in denial of materiality and expect those who are spiritual to live more like monks. I've often been told not to charge money for the spiritual work I do. Anna Gatmon's book "Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World" is very helpful to many who are juggling both worlds.

I find it's wonderful to be drawn to a spiritual life and spend a great deal of time in appreciation of that world. There are monks who live in retreat for years at a time. How then are our material needs met? Also, can't we also find spiritual expression in the material world? I'll be talking with Anna Gatmon, the author of "Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World" to see what kind of balance can be created between the two. Be sure to tune in to this show that'll bring both sides together so we can follow a stronger path in both directions.

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