Dr. Karen Wyatt has worked in hospices for many years and has listened closely as the dying have offered advice for the living. There's much wisdom that comes from their lips as they've provided intimate and honest reflections on their own lives.
Many struggle with forgiveness and have wonderful revelations that can help us work with it. In this interview, we'll be discussing the obstacles to forgiveness and how to better understand its nature.
Karen's book, "7 Lessons for Living from the Dying, How to Nurture What Really Matters" can help us live with more meaning, purpose and love.
We know that we can feel freer if we can forgive others (and even ourselves). This is a time of great polarity and apparently very little forgiveness. How can we look at this time and struggle in a more compassionate way? Can we forgive ourselves for not being able to forgive better?
What does true forgiveness entail and how can we find it in our lives? Dr. Karen Wyatt is a hospice physician who has heard the greatest pearls of wisdom from those on their death beds. She'll talk about how her patients have discovered insights necessary to overcome their deep grievances about others.
Tune in and hear about how you can work better with forgiveness. .

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