Everyone gets bullied at some time in life and many get bullied many times. It's no fun to feel helpless in the face of attack and our fight or fly mechanism gets very challenged. I've been bullied by all sorts of people who have had different kinds of power over me and I even took up martial arts to learn to protect myself better. We usually fall prey when we don't feel competent enough and/or are bridled by people with unrestrained authority. Many times, we can even feel bullied by popular public opinion. Jeanie Cisco Meth has written the book, "Bully Proofing You, Managing Confidence and Personal Value From the Inside Out". It's so important to manage our lives with inner strength which isn't always so easy to achieve.

Throughout our lives, people show up who know how to manipulate our fears. We don't always know how to defend ourselves whether with mind, body or spirit and fall prey to bullies. This doesn't have to happen when we can know our own truths and follow our own hearts. Jeanie Cisco Meth is an expert about bullying and the author of "Bully Proofing You". Don't miss this opportunity to hear her wisdom about how to live with more confidence and inner strength.

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