There's always more to know about the way cards work in our lives. Alexander and I have done many shows about them and now we're adding another guest who will help us learn more. We're always playing our birth cards anyway so let's find out how our lives are guided by them. Alexander's new wife, Viki Scudiery, has also become a card expert so I thought it would work well to have them talk about their relationship and the role cards have played for them. We'll have a lot of new insights when we hear how cards attract us to each other and how they can help or harm our relationships. You can learn about your own card by going to Alexander's WEBSITE and put in your birth date. It'll immediately show you your birth card. Alexander Dunlop, the author of "Play Your Cards Right", is a great ambassador of this amazing system and you'll love his and his wife's insights into each one.

This show is a wonderful opportunity to see how relationships play out in your life depending on the card you were born to. For this show, Alexander is teaming up with his new wife, Viki Scudiery, to talk about how their birth cards have influenced their relationship.
Learn how your card has influenced you and also why someone else would be attracted to you. Every relationship is a great dynamic that can be understood through this window to your vibes. Be sure to tune in and learn more about why you're who you are.

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