The deck of cards holds many keys to our personalities and soul journeys. We've had a lot of shows about them and they've become familiar to our steady audience. This show will look at each card and how it shapes your personality in regard to being quarantined. This show will help you understand yourself better about how you're currently dealing with things but it will, maybe even more importantly, help you understand why people around you are behaving the way they are. Alexander Dunlop, the author of "Play Your Cards Right", is a great ambassador of this amazing system and you'll love his insights into each one. We're going to talk about each card in the deck if we have enough time. You can find out what card you've been born to by going to his website and putting in your birth date. You can do this for others too. Here's a LINK to it. In this show, he's going to go over all the cards in the deck to explain each of their challenges. It'll be very thorough. He's also offering a new program where he'll be sending out daily emails with the card of the day and an analysis and meditation about it. You can sign up for it HERE


This show is a wonderful opportunity to see why your unique personality is handling the quarantine as only you can. You've been born to a particular birth card of the 52 card deck and you can't help but fully play that card. It's a good idea to know what your card says about you and in this show, we'll talk about all the cards as time permits.
Tune in to hear Alexander's great wisdom about each card and how you're playing yours.

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