After 40 years in service as a Christian Minister, Jim Willis and his wife decided to head for the woods of S Carolina so he could spend some time "wrestling with God". Turns out, it was a magical place and while doing some deep meditation, found himself traveling outside of his normal consciousness.
He began a serious study of Out-of-Body experiences and his life became very multi-dimensional. He now travels frequently in the astral plane undergoing many fascinating adventures.
His new book, "The Quantum Akashic Field, A guide to Out-of-Body Experiences for the Astral Traveler" is a wonderful opportunity to learn what this is all about and maybe become interested in it for yourself.
Jim Willis is a fascinating man. He comes from a conservative background and then discovered larger worlds available through the timeless implicate Universe. Not only did he travel out, but others have traveled in to meet him and work with him in the etheric reality. He's written a number of books and the latest, "The Quantum Akashic Field", has a lot of information about how you can travel too. Don't miss this opportunity to really get away from our everyday world and explore far reaches.
Tune in to learn about Jim's adventures and how you can embark on incredible journeys of your own.

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