It feels like we do a lot of bumping around in life and are subject to so many elements that pull us here and there. Maybe we're not seeing how we can influence the factors at play. I don't think most of us can realize our power to create a more satisfying life. Where do we find that power? How about if we can tune into our soul frequency that knows just what can work or not for us? Perhaps it's like an antenna that reveals when the vibes are right for the choices we need to make. It's not just a measurement tool for alignment but has a power to connect to the greater universe and attract the solutions we're looking for. Shanna Lee has written a wonderful book, "The Soul Frequency" to show how you can identify your own correct attunements and change your program to work so much better.

Shanna Lee's book, "The Soul Frequency", is a great tool to identify so many aspects of your life that you need to work on. Create better alignment with a frequency that can speak to you every day to see and feel what's correct for you. This inner sense is like having radar along with a big magnet to work with amazing powers in life. You can have magic moments regularly. Tune in to the show and get a sense as to how you can feel this special frequency.

Energy Stew
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