We live in a mysterious universe and sometimes it can really surprise us. Joey Nittolo was awakened by voices and visions and thought he was going crazy. He was even hospitalized for a short time. No one could understand what he had become opened to. His old self and values didn't make so much sense to him any more and he knew he had to change his priorities. All of a sudden, he wanted to be a more giving spirit. He gave up a very successful, material life to live in closer contact with the spiritual universe. He also wanted to express his new understandings and developed a podcast, "The Space Between", to explore and express more about spirit. He’s also staging The Space Between Music Festival in September 2020 at the Hatshepsut Temple in Luxor, Egypt. It will be the first of many concerts (to include festivals in Bali and India) to honor sacred sites around the world. These will also help fund programs that support sustainable oceans, and the creation of a line of holistic, healthy products for lowincome families who can’t afford the kind of products available at high-end grocers.


We're in a time of great change and for many of us, it includes changes in consciousness. Joey Nittolo underwent such a profound change he was sure there was something wrong with him and so did all those around him. He had awakened into a multi-dimensional state of being and had to learn all about it. Many of us have had strong awakenings and some are more prepared than others. This show will help if and when it happens to you. Be sure to tune in and hear Joey Nittolo talk about his very strange experiences and how they moved him forward in life. He had to change most of what he knew.

Energy Stew
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