Christian de Quncey is back again and we'll be talking about how we understand and experience the passage of time. Is it truly an illusion that we've created? We only learn about time from conditioning as children. What is time before it's taught to us? Certainly our clocks are always running but are they measuring time or just the passage of it? How does it relate to our experience of it? Where does time actually get measured? Maybe it's so relative that it can't be measured. We can only be in it. Yes, time is from here to there and we can keep track of it through our experience yet we often lose that track depending on what we are doing. How about throwing out our clocks? What difference will that make?

Christian de Quincey is my favorite author and philosopher to talk about our deepest understandings of consciousness. In this show, we'll look at how it's guided by our experience of time and the powers that we give time in our lives. How real is it and does it limit or expand us?
Join us for this exploration and see what answers we can uncover. Give yourself the time to listen to this show.

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