Roya Sands and the Bridge Between Worlds is a wonderful novel that follows a young woman while she explores worlds within worlds on and within our planet.
There's great adventure in this book and the author, Saryon Michael White, brings us into new realities that exist in populations within our Earth that are unknown to us. Roya is a New York teenager with great spiritual gifts and she takes her family and close friends on a journey into these multi-dimensional realms.
The book explores the possibilities that our future can hold once we have moved beyond the limited 3rd dimensional reality we're still in.
This book will grab your attention as there are so many fascinating moments and unusual events presented.
I was so excited reading this book as it led me into worlds we can only dream about. It takes us into underworld beauty and amazing physical wonders that this advanced civilization lives within.
There are also many challenges as the pictured idealism has its enemies and the characters in the book have to survive using multi-dimensional methods which are not easily obtainable.
Be sure to tune into this interview with Saryon to learn more about the great adventure he's presented us with.

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