Don't take the whales and dolphins for granted. 

Patricia Cori is back to talk about the evolution of our planet and her communication with whales.  She's dedicated to helping them survive.  
She has written three books, "Atlantis Rising", "No More Secrets, No More Lies", "Before We Leave You" along with her most recent book that she was on the show about recently "The Emissary".
"Before We Leave You" is about the whales speaking of their concern about extinction in the deteriorating oceans of the world.  Between the over-fishing, Navy sonar, oil rig jackhammers and general pollution including oil, radiation and plastic, the oceans are slowly becoming uninhabitable.
We'll be talking about the songs of the whales and how much territory their songs can cover.  Science hasn't understood the purpose of the songs and sees them only as mating melodies.  They are actually very important to the whole planet and are very complex.
Be sure to tune in to learn so much more about these sophisticated cetaceans. 

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