Consciousness is really all we've got that sticks with us. The choice is how well we use it. When we understand its nature we can become even super human. Science has been in denial of consciousness and is trying to figure out life without it. Too bad for them that quantum physics came along and has challenged their limitations. Christian de Quincey has written this wonderful novel, "Deep Spirit, Cracking the Noetic Code" to show us what our potential can really be. It's an exciting action journey to reveal the power of consciousness and the people who don't understand human potential and the underlying principle of oneness that it represents. Christian is a renowned author who's an international authority about consciousness and holds a university professorship for it.

I love shows about consciousness and Christian de Quincey is the best author to talk about it. His life is directed to help us learn more about this rich topic so tune into this show and learn more about it for yourself.

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