There have been thousands of young children that recount past life experiences. Probably, most of them have been overlooked at adults think it's just fantasy. Many of these stories have been researched to validate them and have passed many tests. So, it's not so much about whether we believe them but rather what they are being recalled for. Often, the struggles in these past lives reflect current issues in the childrens' bodies and minds so it's very valuable to look at and understand them so they can be healed. Carol Bowman, the author of "Children's Past Lives, How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child", heard an important revelation from her young son who was having fears as echoes from a past life and this launched her study about the phenomenon. Apparently, once children are 5 or 6, these recollections fade from conscious memory but they make excellent hypnotic regression subjects.


You might have young children or grandchildre under 5 years old who refer to situations in a past life. They do this very casually as they don't see it as unusual. The best way to respond to them is to be comfortably interested so they feel free to express themselves. Too many adults have shut this expression down and have missed an important opportunity to learn for what and why they need to talk about it. Tune into this entertaining interview with author Carol Bowman to learn about these valuable communications with the very young.

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