Dr. Julia Mossbridge specializes in precognition and has done extensive research to understand its potential in our lives. She even has a research project that you can join to discover your own precog ability and to help her create a consensus of the results. Premonition has always been a powerful tool for leadership as many successful people have had the right instincts to make the right choices. Precognition, you might say, is a more conscious approach to premonition and Julia presents 6 steps of "Controlled Precognition" to perform it. There's also a lot of responsibility that goes with seeing the future and she wants everyone to become "positive precogs".

Julia's book, "The Premonition Code", helps us understand the nature of time and how it functions within a quantum reality. It takes a deep knowledge about the flow of time to relate to premonition. There's even the possibility that if the future already exists, it might be calling to the present and causing actions to bring us to it. What if the future is really pulling us?
As a scientist, Julia examines many explanations for premonition and also many clear demonstrations of it. Her research program is to show us we can learn to use it effectively.
Don't miss tuning into this very interesting interview about something I'm sure you'll be glad to know more about.

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