Heart River Center for Intuitive Healing is a school that I founded in 1997 and I've also been working as a professional intuitive healer/counselor since well before then.  Lisa Denton has taught at the school for many years and is a gifted clairvoyant and healer/counselor.  She also has the clairaudient skills that I have.
So many people don't really understand the opportunities intuition can bring into their lives. Lisa and I use intuitive hearing and seeing to know things that we don't expect.  We hold no pre-conceptions about what we expect to receive from higher consciousness so our information can be as objective as possible.
We are both very well versed in physiology and nutrition yet work with the energy patterns that appear in the body to give people information they need to know.  We also intuitively look for the psychological sources of many problems to understand how they came about and thus we can more easily help solve them.
Tune in to this conversation about the power of intuition and what it can do.
Originally aired 03.21.14.

Energy Stew
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