Very few people have had access to this indigenous tribe and this wise and powerful shaman.  

All of our planet is being threatened by modern times and the Andean peaks are even losing their glaciers. The remote Earth keepers from there are realizing they need to bring their wisdom to the world to help change consciousness.
J E Williams, the author of "The Andean Codex" and "Light of the Andes" braved the 14,000 foot altitude to visit and study with Sebastian, a shaman and leader of the Q'ero tribe.  The Earth energy, Pachamama, and the Apu energy of the mountain peaks made it clear to them that they needed to travel out to speak of the basic principles that can save us.
The interview with both of them will focus on the teachings and deep truths that can empower today's society.
Tune in to be enthralled with the stories and wisdom of this unique tribe and what they can offer to the world.

Energy Stew
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