Many of you have heard about near death experiences and some of you might have had one (or even two). It appears that a majority of people who have come very close to death have had them. They generally need to be without vital functions for a short time, including brain activity. It's more common nowadays for people to be revived so there are many more who have had them. Dr. Melvin Moore, as a pediatrician, was working in a children's hospital and discovered this happening to children, often during their operations and sometimes being brought in following an accident. Many were keeping them to themselves as they felt too awkward to reveal the exotic nature of what happened to them.

Experiences of NDEs are incredibly significant to understand that we can continue to be alive even when all our physical systems have been shut down. This even includes being able to see and hear when we have no functional eyes and ears.
The information from children and adults who have had NDEs is rare because it's some-thing that can't be explained and people don't want to be identified as crazy. Most people don't reveal their out-of-body experiences.
Melvin interviewed many children who he suspected as having them and many admitted to it reluctantly. Then, they had fascinating stories to tell and after some hundreds of them, Melvin could put together some basic themes of their experiences.
Tune into this show to hear what his research came up with.

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