A new way to heal has been brought to me via an intuitive download. This is a method to decondition the psyche to transform old patterns of thought and behavior that interfere with our lives.
It's called True Life Circles and uses the numeric algorithm of our birth dates drawn into a measured circle with our hands placed on it.  The initial experiences that people have had with this have been powerful.  Our birth dates are our spiritual addresses in the universe for this life and represent the pure essence of who are here to be.  I call this healing a stem cell treatment for the psyche.
My 2 guests, Lisa Denton and Tika Vales are profound healers and have participated in this new healing program.  They have wonderful insights into the mechanics of this modality and are very articulate about both the scientific and esoteric foundations of it.
The transmissions for this are being offered as a free program atheartriver.org/categories/true-life-circles.

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