Our guest, Dr. Melvin Morse, became a leading expert and author about Near Death Experiences before he was sentenced to jail. We're going to talk with him about how people's lives are often completely turned around after having an NDE (or other interruptions) and what life then goes on to mean to them. His life was completely turned around by his prison ordeal and he has much to say about this experience. There are many advanced souls in prison and Melvin has a lot to tell us about his deep journey with them. When you understand the nature of NDE's you can have a much greater perspective about the meanings of life.


Melvin has dedicated his life to understand our soul journey by exploring the nature of NDE's. He was a pediatrician in a hospital where many children died and were resuscitated. They often had NDE's and he studied their explanations about them.
Within his family, a false accusation was made about him and he ended up being incarcerated for a number of years. He felt this was a blessing as it opened him to a whole new world of profound people and experiences.
Tune into this show to hear what he has to say about this very unique journey he's been on.

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