To study the evolution of our economy is amazingly revealing. Our current system has failed and it's important to see precisely how it happened in order to move forward in better ways.
The economy is really subject to the values of society which have gone through profound changes since WWII.  What are our values today compared to 10, 20 and 30 years ago?  How have they impacted our current condition?  I'm interviewing Said Dawlabani, the author of "Memenomics: The Next-Generation Economic System", who offers clear historical insights and new paradigms for emergence.
It's obvious things have to change.  When systems burn out, new systems have to emerge but how do we know what to support?  Said is the leading expert in the value-systems approach to macroecomonics.  His work needs to be understood by many to give power to new growth.  Be sure to tune in.

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