What if we could ask Ben Franklin, Gandhi or Einstein what they think of today's world?

Mediums are intuitives that can speak with the other side.  They are intuitive specialists who have the ability to see and hear from those who have past on. If any of you have had an experience with one, it can shake up your sense of reality as they are very clear in their transmissions with a great amount of detail.
I can sometimes speak with the other side too but I'm not a specialist about it.  Susan Lander is.  She's the author of this new Hay House book, "Conversations with History", and has been the receiver of a project from the other side.
Famous people have come into her consciousness and asked to be interviewed for the book she was to write.  She was often shocked when they arrived and was happy to work with them.  Ben Franklin was the first and surprisingly, Abbie Hoffman was second.
She also spoke with John Belushi, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Betsy Ross and a cast of many other.
When I read her book, I was not only fascinated by the information they offered but to read the conversations helped me experience their personalities.
This will be an unusual experience for all of you listeners due to the value of their info as well as just being able to catch up about them and even hear how they're doing now.
One sneak preview is that Betsy Ross comes out of the closet as the time she lived in was dangerous for her and her social world was extremely private.

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