Medical intuitives can identify problems and solutions that others can't. 

I've been working as a medical intuitive for many years and have seen what its capabilities are. 
Using this kind of intuition I can see into the energy of the body and its many systems and decipher its blocks and imbalances.  Its a way to get to the source of a problem and find resolution.  
Lisa Denton is also a medical intuitive who is a good friend and colleague.  We have worked together many times and I hold her in the greatest respect. I'm so glad she's my guest for this show and the two of us can help you understand this field of energy science.
Heart River Center is about to begin a weekly, web and tele-class medical intuitive program for people who want to learn how to use this for themselves and others.
Tune in to learn how medical intuition can help solve so many different things.

Energy Stew
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