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Do you hum for your health? -  Energy Stew interview with Jonathan & Andi Goldman
Most of us haven't realized the value that humming can bring to our lives. It's one of the simplest yet most profound sounds we can make.
Humming can affect us on a physical level, reducing stress and inducing calmness. It also enhances sleep as well as lowers heart rate, blood pressure and produces powerful neurochemicals such as oxytocin. 
Jonathan and Andi Goldman are well known sound practitioners and have been teaching about sound for many years. Their new book, "The Humming Effect, Sound Healing for Health and Happiness", I found really helpful to start tuning into my own hums.
EFT might be your answer -  Energy Stew interview with Steve Gottlieb
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has become a very popular healing tool and is quite simple to use for everyday emotional calming. It can also fix many problems in your life including getting wonderful health results.
Most people don't know the deeper ways it can be used so it's valuable to consult an expert who works with it to resolve the diverse issues in many people's lives. 
I'm speaking with Steve Gottlieb who has made a specialty of EFT and will tell us some of the amazing things it can do for you and also how to do them. 
Steve is an old friend of mine and I consider him a very advanced EFT resource. He also has wonderful intuitive abilities which helps him zero in on each person's unique needs so he can then employ the correct procedures.


Fasting the Mind -  Energy Stew interview with Jason Gregory
It's amazing how our minds want to be in charge. Sometimes we just have to slow it down and even give it some quality down time. It's not easy to do as it thinks you need it too much.
Fortunately, Jason Gregory has written a new book, "Fasting the Mind, Spiritual Exercises for Psychic Detox", that will help us find mental peace.
Let's soul whisper some more -  Energy Stew interview with Linda Star Wolf
There was so much to whisper about in the first show with Linda Star Wolf that we decided we should do another show together and this is it!
Soul Whispering is the opportunity to climb into the deeper parts of your holistic consciousness and learn more about yourself and your life.
Linda Star Wolf  

has written a wonderful new book, "Soul Whispering"about awakening soul consciousness. It really can be life changing to utilize shamanic practices and get more in touch with your greater self.
Tune into this very insightful interview about deeper ways to live your life. 

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