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Heart River Center for Intuitive Healing is a school that I founded in 1997 and I've also been working as a professional intuitive healer/counselor since well before then.  Lisa Denton has taught at the school for many years and is a gifted clairvoyant and healer/counselor.  She also has the clairaudient skills that I have.
So many people don't really understand the opportunities intuition can bring into their lives. Lisa and I use intuitive hearing and seeing to know things that we don't expect.  We hold no pre-conceptions about what we expect to receive from higher consciousness so our information can be as objective as possible.
We are both very well versed in physiology and nutrition yet work with the energy patterns that appear in the body to give people information they need to know.  We also intuitively look for the psychological sources of many problems to understand how they came about and thus we can more easily help solve them.
Tune in to this conversation about the power of intuition and what it can do.
Originally aired 03.21.14.

In so many ways, our civilization is reinventing itself.  New thinking and new technology are moving us forward.  Hear more about it.

Elliott Maynard is a futurist.  His PhD is in Consciousness Research although he delves deeply into the physical sciences.  Thus, his book, "Brave New Mind, Living in a Future-Science World" represents his research into the amazing new discoveries and developments that new thinking has created.
His book covers a huge panoply of opportunities to change our lives and fix the planet and he also looks at the way our brains are transforming into new consciousness capabilities.  
Be sure to tune in to this wonderful interview with a true leading edge neo-renaissance author.  You'll feel much more comfortable with the future in store for us.

There's too much evidence of the dead revealing themselves to us and there are many ways they do it.

There are many researchers who have devoted their lives to prove our on-going existence after death. Apparently, the dead are just as interested in our ability to recognize them and have their own teams of scientists on the other side working to make it easier to connect.
Roberta Grimes is my guest again and has a new book called "The Fun of Staying in Touch". She's not psychic and explores the subject matter through her scientific objectivity and years of training as a lawyer.  
No matter how strong the evidence, there will always be people who believe in their own skepticism and will never be open to clear, objective facts.  I guess being dead will eventually open their eyes.

There might just be a technology that can resolve many health issues.

Tom Paladino has spent his life researching and developing scalar energy equipment that can have a profound affect on our health.
He says he has developed a treatment process where he is able to administer the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic of a pathogen and cause it to disassemble.  This means "GONE".
The implications for this are immense!  Pathogens include viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites. He even includes Burelia Burgdorferi, the chief pathogen of Lyme Disease.  
He and I will talk about the nature of scalar energy and how it works in our lives on a day to day basis. Then we'll look at the way this energy can be controlled and made use of.
I think you'll really want to know about this technology as it may change the life of so many people.

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